All We Have

83 pcs

In February 2019 all Marika and Anton's personal belongings were distributed using the particular topological matrix and captured on eighty-three slides for being installed as a projection on the table.

Index of Belongings

Seoul, Korea. March 20, 2019


  1. Yellow sneakers
  2. Two passports
  3. Little Perfume Bottle
  4. Transparent umbrella1
  5. Light green Fitness Drink Bottle with nipple
  6. Natural Body Brush
  7. Brown Warm Scarf
  8. iPhone
  9. ZOOM H6 handy recorder
  10. Blue Tin Box with different trifles
  11. Camping orange bag with a pan and a lid turning into a griddle
  12. Homemade fan2
  13. Golden cosmetic bag with adornments and medicines
  14. Brown leather shoes in the form of the leaves3
  15. Germinated onion leek
  16. Beaded thread
  17. Geranium
  18. Pink tin box for bandage and scissors
  19. One book of poems, Notebooks and drawing pads
  20. Hammock in a bag
  21. Flashlight with 2 batteries
  22. Mesh tea ball
  23. 3 tomatoes
  24. Green pants4
  25. Yellow backpack 70 liters
  26. Deodorant
  27. iPad
  28. 3 lemons
  29. Light Yoga mat
  30. 2 tin cans from tea used for spices
  31. Vietnamese teapot and 2 cups set
  32. Black umbrella5
  33. Beaded bag with sewing supplies
  34. Pair of socks collected from two different pairs
  35. Press IDs for Marika and Anton, from «Bubble magazine»
  36. A piece of mother of pearl shells from Thailand
  37. Zipper handbag that Grandma Toma sewed
  38. Tent with weight of 1,75 kg
  39. 2 tea bowls from Ha-noi
  40. Sunglasses
  41. Sunflower oil 2 L
  42. Leek in package
  43. Shawl from Pakistan
  44. Soap dish
  45. Laundry liquid
  46. Black flip flops
  47. Nail Scissors
  48. 2 windbreakers from Ha-noi
  49. White knife with cover
  50. Plaid shirt6
  51. Soy Sauce 1,8 L
  52. Gobelin Bag for the Laptop
  53. A kit for teeth: 2 brushes, toothpaste, dental floss
  54. One-piece swimsuit
  55. Razor
  56. White pants
  57. Zipper Bag with pen markers, pens, glue and pencils
  58. Ground coffee
  59. Plaid from Portugal
  60. Set for skin: cream SOS, vegetable Vaseline, Arabian perfume sampler
  61. Germinated avocado
  62. Green Pin
  63. Gray bag for storing documents during travels
  64. Red backpack
  65. Studio and hostel keys from art space GEUMCHEON
  66. Great Pearl Shell from Thailand
  67. 9 Watercolor paints in a tin box
  68. Ropes
  69. Pink leggings
  70. Folding Swiss Mini Multitool scissors-knife-nail file7
  71. Camp stove gas burner
  72. Claw clip for hair from Minsk
  73. Beige Coat
  74. Piezo element on wire
  75. White memory card
  76. Set of 3 spoons8
  77. Black leather bag with magnet pocket
  78. Maroon cap
  79. A bank of rice9
  80. Translucent white blouse
  81. Green tea
  82. Clothing set: red turtleneck, gray silk blouse, checked panties, blue sport top, burgundy dress, white body
  83. Leather small Handbag with 2 compartments




1 Once in Seoul when the rain started we had no umbrella. And we were running to the entrance of the subway where we found transparent umbrella with one broken needle, that Anton fixed very quickly.


2 The gift for us from the festival in Vientiane, Laos, where we had entered the gate to the ceremony with our fake press ID and were pretending to be invited persons.


3 When we had knew that we had to go from summer to winter — to Seoul, to take part in artist residency, we went to the biggest market in Bangkok in search of cheap and sexy warm clothes and shoes. We had only 1,600 baht for everything, including food for one week. We found and bought amazing second-hand good designed shoes. But after we had to eat rice and peanuts the whole week, living in a one-room dark condominium. Finally we got the tickets to Seoul and flew off separately.


4 On one of the labyrinth turns in Venice the pajama store appeared, where we got acquired this green pants.


5 It was raining in Seoul, we ran into the subway. Under the ground we found an umbrella on the bench.


6 It was bought in the second-hand store in Vienna, traditional Austrian clothes for October fest.


7 It was found in HfG bathroom in Karlsruhe.


8 Stolen then  from us by unknown Korean artist.


9 We have counted that we both using 20 kg of rice per month.