Performative Installation

Port25, Mannheim
2018 during the Nonknowledge Zone

The route to the scene and artists property as tools for the performative installation were presented in Mannheim in July 2018.


On the morning of July 19, 2018, our bikes rolled into the exhibition space of Port25. We threw our things on the floor — now this is our installation. By performing of the artistic act, we turn things into the art objects and then return them back to everyday life. These funny and at the same time terrible transformations leave on the things a lasting trace. Things start to flicker in a permanent metamorphosis.




The pathway itself can be interpreted as a series of miracles that let event happen; the video captures how reality responds to the intention in circumstances of complete chance. With the help of an artistic act, things have been turned into an art object and then returned to everyday life. Their life as art-objects is instant and solemn; they do not become a product awaiting its fate in the dark warehouse. They return to their source, revealing its flickering imprint on themselves. The spectators can witness these metamorphoses, synchronizing with us in time and space.



Index of things. Moscow — Mannheim. July 2018


  1. Bicycle Mars
  2. Two inflatable mats
  3. Bicycle lock
  4. Bordeaux cap NY
  5. Bicycle Torino
  6. Gray blanket from Portugal
  7. Leather belt
  8. Super light tent MSR
  9. Orange backpack with a red waterproof cover
  10. Yellow backpack with a blue waterproof cover
  11. Brown woolen scarf
  12. Zippered bag with pens, markers and glue
  13. Sandals
  14. Sunglasses with Diamonds
  15. Round Sunglasses
  16. A bottle of olive oil from Greece
  17. Passport of the Russian Federation, Krasina Maria Sergeyevna
  18. Passport of Belarus, Anton Vladimirovich Kryvulia
  19. Lantern with two finger batteries
  20. Sleeping bag
  21. White pants
  22. Tapestry bag for laptop
  23. Shawl from Pakistan
  24. Trousers - ivory
  25. Blue mini shorts
  26. Arabian perfume in a gold bottle with a stone
  27. Keys from the Moscow apartment
  28. B/W Nokia phone
  29. A small glass jar with brown sugar
  30. Tin can with two cranes with green tea
  31. A piece of thin rope
  32. Quadratic tin can "Red Square" for tobacco
  33. Twisting bamboo mat, in it: 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, 1 knife with a cap
  34. Orange plastic box, in it: 2 Turkish tea glasses, separating stick, found in the sea
  35. Toilet paper
  36. Red deodorant
  37. Black Salt with stickers of football players
  38. Dark green Fitness Drink Bottle with nipple, found in Izmailovsky Park, Moscow
  39. A laptop
  40. iPad
  41. Silver small suitcase with wires, strings and metal plates
  42. White overalls
  43. 2 pairs of socks
  44. Purse on a magnet, found in a garbage in Reutovo
  45. Blue tin can with small things and plasters