Performative practice

Since 2004

Being at the same time a musical instrument, an abstract model, and an art object, (Music) became a meeting point of performative and objective art.

During the research in Budapest in 2016, Rabota turned their room into a performative space in which they conducted phenomenological experiments with objects and perception. As a result, a special tool was developed — the (Music) Instrument, as well as a particular performative practice for it.




We have reduced the technology to the extreme in order to remove from the musical process the very possibility to play something else than sound in itself; we removed the musician from the music. What remains is a pure musical experience, which, unfortunately, or fortunately, does not really lend itself to re-presentation in the recording.


The (Music) Instrument


The (Music) Instrument is the electronic version of the Pythagorean monochord. It is extremely simple — a tree branch, two stones, two nails, steel string and a contact microphone. It is made anew every time, immediately prior to the (Music) performance. It is the perfect tool for installing the sound impregnated with overtones. The (Music) Instrument and the sound from it constitute a singular art object, the installation of which in space takes place using special performative practice.



Poverty and Glory

 sound performance   •   ZKM, Karlsruhe   •   2018