Suspended object, performative object, 2019

Six Stones, performative installation, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2018

Index of artist's possessions being fixed in ZKM hall in Karlsruhe,
January 6, 2018.


  1. Umbrella
  2. White fabric
  3. Black satin fabric
  4. Three corals of small size
  5. Folder a3 (cardboard with textile frame) with the following documents:
    • two notepads a4 “beach valleyball”, “floating opera”
    • file “New year’s speeches of presidents”
    • drawings for opera installations
    • the manuscript “Catching the bubble”
    • a letter about the tactics of action, invented in Goa in 2014
    • four variants of the artist statement
    • one page description of the archaeological commission's work
    • sheet a4 from Art Basel with manually recorded dates of upcoming biennial open calls
    • “Abandoned zoo conference”, presentation on a4 sheets, black and white
    • “Bubble opera”, presentation on 20 sheets of a4, b/w
    • “tools of disclosure conference”, two presentations, b/w
    • hand drawn comics without heroes on a cardboard napkin
    • pink transparent folder a3 with the coolest collages for 4 years, selected specially
    • “Tools of disclosure” posters a3 31 pieces, b/w
    • “Tools of disclosure” posters а4 2 pieces, b/w
  6. 200 flyers “Tools of disclosure” а5
  7. Wooden stick for playing on the string
  8. Small bag from Bali with wax crayons
  9. Scissors from Dresden
  10. Mental kick drug
  11. Pencil case with a zip, uncountable amount of pencils, pens, markers
  12. Small round jar of hand cream
  13. Silver pin
  14. Kamillen tee
  15. Kopf entspannung tee
  16. Charger from iPad
  17. Charger from Nokia
  18. “Every day” notebook from Auchan
  19. Pink notepad with flamingos
  20. 20 brausetabletten magnesium
  21. Two layer gold cosmetic bag with beads, shells, drops for the nose and other uncountable treasures
  22. Plastic bag with three nuts
  23. Betaisodona salbe
  24. Blue sports bag
  25. 10 empty dvd
  26. Bag that daddy once brought for us for Christmas
  27. Dark blue threads of the mulina in a plastic bag
  28. Rag bag with a package of pasta and one candy “halva” from Moscow
  29. 750ml white acrylic
  30. Flash yellow aerosol can 400 ml
  31. White aerosol can 600 ml
  32. Double sided tape
  33. 2 umbrellas for cocktails
  34. Three leather straps with fasteners
  35. Orange Fitness Drink Bottle with nipple
  36. Zoom Portable Recorder rented until the end of February
  37. Orange cup with mug
  38. Bag on ropes “scout”: 2 tomatoes, 1 pepper, 1 carrot
  39. White lighter
  40. HfG chip with 2 keys from the bicycle lock
  41. Hip belt with pockets and silver buckles
  42. Small silver suitcase with strings and a collection of feathers for calligraphy
  43. Hairpin with fish
  44. 6 found books using for the bed: „Pons englisch/deutsch“, Otto Flake „Finnische nächte“, Istvan Orkeny „Eheleute“, Paul Vialar „Madame de Viborne oder die Hetzjagt“, Olga Iwinskaja „Lara“, Anne Golon „Angelique“
  45. Ananas
  46. Tobacco with an indian in a brown bag
  47. Laptop in a cover made of a wired miniskirt
  48. Red computer mouse with one battery, no cap
  49. Light blue hard disk
  50. Piece of hard plywood on wheels
  51. Large piece of plywood with an inscription: “chaos sense delight”
  52. Piece of beige soft material
  53. Piece of white soft material
  54. Hardboard
  55. 2 wooden sticks
  56. 1 wood stick with red textile
  57. 3 wooden sticks bent, with screws
  58. Silver paper a1
  59. Brown scotch tape
  60. Large iPad
  61. Plastic bag with piezo sensors
  62. Clipping from a book with 2 birds and with the hand
  63. Written inscription “traces”
  64. Small silver backpack with a rocket
  65. Pale pink leather boots
  66. Bard cloak
  67. White sneakers
  68. Red scarf from Pavlovsky Posad
  69. Yellow windbreaker with a tiger
  70. Gray sweater
  71. Brown warm long scarf with gold thread
  72. 3 white shirts
  73. Gloves with deers without two fingers
  74. Glued map of Chaos Sense Delight
  75. Green hairpin with sparkles
  76. Gray notebook for ideas, between a5 and a4
  77. Found picture “Portrait of a stranger with glasses”
  78. Stone found by the river
  79. Wooden square frame
  80. Knife in the case
  81. Solar powered lantern
  82. Orange cardboard box with 13 audio cassettes
  83. 6 audio cassettes
  84. Augen extra, 30 kapseln
  85. USB flashlight “cosmonaut”
  86. Book Henri Bergson “Creative evolution”
  87. Russian/english soviet mini dictionary
  88. Englisch/deutsch mini dictionary “Langenscheidt”
  89. Matryoshka
  90. Notepad “Maria” with italian expressions
  91. Notepad with panda with spanish expressions
  92. Set of plasters “Second skin”
  93. Pink notebook with smelling pages
  94. Red deodorant
  95. Emerald flip flops
  96. White flip flops
  97. Yoga mat
  98. White musk oil
  99. Essential oil pinus sylvestris
  100. Balm “Vitaon” for the nose
  101. Red glitter
  102. Gold lipstick glitter
  103. Amethyst stone 5 cm
  104. Rhinestone 3 cm
  105. Amethyst stone 1 kg
  106. Wooden comb
  107. 3d white cardboard snowflake
  108. Empty sake bottle
  109. Anton’s small black stone with interspersed
  110. Blue tin can with corals, a cross and a jack
  111. Chinese robe with dragon embroidery
  112. 2 toothbrushes pink and green
  113. 2 press badges for Marika and for Anton
  114. Silver chain with a round pendant, it has a cannabis leaf
  115. Pearl beads
  116. Gray summer trousers
  117. 2 pairs of pants from a japanese pajama store
  118. Gray handbag with two passports
  119. White pantyhose 20 den
  120. Knitted hat, a gift from the mother
  121. Cap with a star
  122. Pink diary
  123. Purse on a magnet with a kangaroo
  124. Earring with a bird made of ceramics
  125. Necklace from Istanbul
  126. Two nylon brushes, dimensions 4, 12
  127. Brush “belka”
  128. Red thick candle
  129. 23 different color socks
  130. Pigment liner, 0.4, black







Where to store things? It's a problem, namely an artistic one: Marika and Anton try not to produce art objects precisely because they have no place to store it. Leaving Moscow in the fall of 2018, Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia had buried their personal belongings (that could no fit in the plane) in a field at the Moscow River source. After six months, they dug them up and mounted as a weight for the strings’ tension.


Among them were notebooks, graphics, musical instruments, and all the paintings. For six months in the ground, things have ceased to be what they were before. Water, temperature drops, bacteria, and other factors turned them into the soil so successfully that artists had to throw everything away after the show except few paintings covered with the perfect german Gesso.







Space and Time, installation A3, Moscow 2019


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