The Things

Performative Installation
EX14, Dresden

In August 2015, Rabota recreated the details of a robbery of artists in Barcelona. The exhibition in Dresden consisted of a story about events, a video on the screen of a mobile phone, a list of stolen things, as well as an installation of those things that remained after the robbery.

The installation, consists of the list of stolen things, hammock, mosquito net, copy of a huge piece of calligraphy, photo and video documents, graffiti on the wall executes a symbolic return to the enigmatic circumstances of the robbery night. Pink hammock, mosquito net, a big piece of black silk were the only possessions left after the robbery because they were hanged around on the trees to dry.



Case in the Barcelona ZOO


It turns out that the most accurate and subtle statements about our observations objectify in most scarce and unspectacular artifacts. July 2015, at night, we stood at the Barcelona Zoo on the lawn and looked at the tops of the palm trees. We were naked because we have smeared with a gel to cure scabies, staying with legs and arms apart to dry, our bodies glistened. It was the moment when the irrigation system turned on, about which we had no idea: the fountains of water in the dark would pour over us in half a second. Also, we did not suspect that we were watched from the bushes by those who would steal all our things in a couple of minutes.


This moment was specially marked in our memory by an unusual experience: a moment before the chaos exploded, we felt a complete alienation from everything, including our bodies. It is a fluttering experience of what we call the Nonknowledge, to which we dedicate all our artistic study in general and this work in particular.


When the automatic irrigation system of the zoo started to work, we got wet instantly. We hung our things on the trees around the brightly lit empty dance arena in the center of the zoo, then climbed on it. Had a large piece of paper, we painted on it with mascara and palm leaves. Were we robbed already? Yes indeed.



The list of stolen things:

01. The Nepal thin brush

02. China brushes for calligraphy

03. Fishing bells

04. Perfume

05. Keys from the Moscow flat

06. MacBook Air

07. Knitted top from Goa

08. Leggings from Venice china shop

09. Pink folder with copies of “Common body.”

10. “Magic mold attacks Paris”, collage on a map

11. Rental contract of a studio in Dresden

11. Marika’s new diary

12. Gift for mother

13. Jewelery: golden chain, copper bracelet, one ring with diamonds, another ring with moonstone, ankle bracelet, pearl necklace, chain with the turquoise turtle

14. Sandals

15. Folder with copies: lectures on ancient philosophy from Merab Mamardashvili.

16. Herbarium

The photo of  things left:

The Things is a work of Rabota art group dedicated to the topic of Media Ecology.
The Things is a work of Rabota art group dedicated to the topic of Media Phenomenology.


Photodocumentation   •   July 2015




The events of that night are still setting the scale of our work. We are still suspended in the space of the dance arena, we are addicted to the game, while someone picking up our things.