Space and Time

A3, Moscow

Leaving Moscow in the fall of 2018, Rabota has buried their personal belongings (that didn't fit in the plane) in a field at the source of the Moscow River. After six months, artists dug them up and mounted as a weight for the strings tension in installation.


Where to store things? For us, it is a problem, namely as an artistic one: we try not to produce art objects precisely because we have no place. We felt this especially deeply when we had most of our belongings just to bury because they didn't fit on the plane. Among them were notebooks, graphics, musical instruments and all our paintings. For six months in the ground, things have ceased to be what they were before. Water, temperature drops, bacteria and other factors began to turn them into the soil so successfully that after the deconstruction of installation we had to throw everything away except few paintings covered with the perfect german Gesso.



Index of buried things.
October 2018, near Mozhaysk, Russia.


  1. Sac with oil paints.
  2. 20 paintings on canvases in a roll.
  3. Books: Dahl's Dictionary, "Image and Cult" by Hans Belting, "Conversations with the Cage", "Difference and Repetition" by Gilles Deleuze printed, "Dialogues" by Plato.
  4. The coat found at the tram stop in Karlsruhe.
  5. Roland sampler.
  6. Black suitcase with notebooks.
  7. Chandelier.
  8. Desktop easel.
  9. Double tent.
  10. Wicker basket with small items.
  11. Handbag with sewing accessories.
  12. Chinese box with Jewelry.
  13. Fid.
  14. A box with photos.
  15. White book.
  16. Jeans jacket.