From the artists' conversation:

— The media stream which shows the possibilities of the stream and shows it with the help of the technology that we came up with. The technology is an array of data consisting of 1TB of various audio and video recordings and the program itself, which creates, renders a stream, randomly selects files from this entire heap and transmits them. The viewer mounts it all on his computer into some kind of picture. And it seems to us that this is very interesting, in the sense that it expands the idea of ​​what a stream is. The installation is rendered live, it is not repeated, and it can go on forever. And we are constantly updating this array. This is such a lively topic.

— The viewer actualizes this movie while watching. It appears right at the very moment when someone connects to this stream.

— And the heaps of videos that we shot during our trips, during our life, these thousands and thousands of files cut into short fragments now look like some kind of requiem. As if it would be an ending of life. And it is dreadfully pretty to watch. We hope that is still not the ending...

— Still, this is live broadcasting, it is rendered in the present. It is the past that is being revised...

— Well, yes, at least I wanted this video to provoke a desire not to return this freedom, but unfold it in a new form.

— To review, to recollect...

— In general, as we understand it, the form of remote art, art at a distance, it is absolutely not developed, it is problematic, and raises a bunch of questions. May this really be done?