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Our mode means the refusal of production, institutional autonomy, and real constant risk. The work occurs along the way; its basis is our dialogues and milieu; its sole purpose is to provide σχολή — a full-fledged autonomous space in which what we call Art-in-itself (as acting in the deep, invisible from the surface) may be opened.

Our revolution is to stop producing the product and start to produce ourselves and the world. We assume our work as a daily, constant will for creative recollection and re-creation of the world and ourselves, such as a daily unproductive work similar to the job of a chimney sweeper or dishwasher.  Society captures the space of politics, turning art into an object of consumption, we, following the example of Walter Benjamin, in response to this, come to the territory of labor and make the artistic act (ποίησις) a subject of unproductive labor.


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