Shortcuts (Six People)
The shimmering content of the act makes its materiality invulnerable. Transferring a place to another, the actor leaves the structure unchanged, but at the same time carries it with him in the form of an impression. The structure simultaneously remains unchanged and expands with the change of actors.
Nonknowledge Zone: New World
New World is a performative exhibition revealed by Rabota during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in 2020 at uninhabited badlands. Finding themselves in relevant circumstances, Marika and Anton discovered the virtual labyrinth in the realm of the dead, in which they were laying the tunnel communication.
The loudspeaker was installed as an intervention in the ZKM museum’s corridor and worked for two weeks. Every fifteen minutes, it reproduced the phrase: “We use your ears and your eyes now!” Fifteen minutes is the time for a visitor to pass this corridor from one segment of the museum to another.
Booty Art
During the Booty Art (Beute Kunst) exhibition, Rabota tried to make the time visible, and these risky experiments led to death so many objects as artists were able to find at the streets of Karlsruhe. Booty Art (Beute Kunst) – the term invented especially for the exhibition at the UND#9 Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. Thrown away student paintings, plates, exercise bike and two antic chairs from Markus Lupertz waste were found on the streets of Karlsruhe, modified, overpainted and then sold during the exhibition.
The video installation captures artists offstage by the light of text projection during Summer 2017.
Poly Gallery space was filled by objects found by Marika and Anton on the streets of Karlsruhe: abandoned household appliances, furniture, dishes, unnecessary things that were pushed out the door by the householders.
The Things. Dresden
In August 2015, Marika and Anton recreated the details of their robbery in Barcelona. Dresden's exhibition consisted of a story about events, a video on the screen of a mobile phone, a list of stolen things, and the installation of those things that remained after the incident.
Common Body
The scroll of artists' private possessions was compiled on June 21, 2015, in the Dresden office where Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia used to live at that time.
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