Apocalypse Surfers, Generative Video, 2014-2021

If one in his solitude drops out of the interhuman world, two always carry it. Anton Kryvulia and Marika Krasina met at the Murano pier at the end of 2014, turning up from different locations. That same night they threw all their swag into the lagoon. Getting dressed up in a Chinese store like a royal family in exile, artists flew to Nepal, with a notion not to come back anywhere.

Marika and Anton stopped enclosing themselves in flats with a world beyond. So often as can converse and think, they detect the world inside any room. Artists no longer live in one place, and not because lack one. But the opposite — everywhere is the same spot, same capacity. Marika and Anton (M&A) work everywhere: in the forest, in the city, on the fields, in the cabins, in the boats, on the night road, wherever could talk to each other.
“On the sideway in Budapest, Luang Prabang, Rome; on the rooftop in Seoul or Kathmandu; on the balcony in our studio on Rabochaya St. in Moscow; in a cafe in Porto or Cadaques — everywhere is the same still stream, into which you can step twice or trice, you may ever enter it.”


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